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Venom Neoprene Ankle Brace Lace Up Support Review

Venom Neoprene Ankle Brace Lace Up Support

The Venom neoprene ankle brace lace up support is a great ankle brace to rehabilitate or prevent ankle injuries. Ankle sprains account for approximately two million athletics-related injuries per year in the US, as studies suggest.

With that figure alone, it is safe to say that a sprained ankle is definitely one of the major causes of an athlete’s downtime. If you are an athlete or just a sporty individual in general, chances are you can also relate to this.

The Venom neoprene brace lace-up ankle brace will be the main point of discussion for this product review. If you are looking for a worthwhile ankle brace, this one is certainly worth looking into.


Venom Neoprene Ankle Brace Lace Up Support – great 

As far as specification goes, the Venom brace with lace up support has all the right marks checked. From the size and durability to versatility, and just about all the ideal criteria that such type of rehabilitation product should have, this one definitely scores high in all.

Other specifications of this ankle support:

  • Binding type – double strap and lace
  • Material Composition – neoprene
  • Product Group – sports, athletics, physical rehabilitation
  • Fit – useable on both left and right foot
  • Compression – elastic
  • Sizes (based on regular shoe size) – 7 and below, 7.5-9.5, and 10-13

Venom Neoprene Ankle Brace Lace Up Support – size chart



Venom Neoprene Ankle Brace Lace Up Support – stability

This ankle support is exceptional when it comes to supporting your ankle. Whether you are using it to prevent a sprain on your ankle region or wearing it to recover from such injury, this product excels in doing both.

One of the best options for full ankle support without limiting your movement

Some braces tend to be too restrictive which is not good, since you’ll be subjected to other potential injuries due to their limited ankle movement. But with this Venom’s side stabilizers, not only will you have full reinforcement on your ankle, but you also get amazing flexibility when it comes to your ankle’s range of motion, which is ideal during practice or other activities.

In physical therapy, limiting the action of an injured body part is essential to averting further harm to it. However, movement is also imperative for the return of function of such injured area, since it promotes blood flow, among other things. On that note, the side stabilizers of this wearable support item are not only useful for preventing injuries while engaging in physically intensive activities, but also for quicker pain relief and faster recovery and rehabilitation.

The contoured arch design of the neoprene ankle brace lace up support by Venom also contributes a great deal in the recovery aspect of the product, since it applies optimal pressure on the injured ankle, which prevents exacerbated swellings. With that in mind, this product is also great for chronic and acute pain conditions, arthritis, weak muscle etc.

Furthermore, the compression and stabilization of this brace are targeted more on tendons, which is a connective tissue susceptible to tears, especially when under extreme stress. It also causes a great deal of pain when it breaks, that is why pressure must be applied to it, which this ankle brace sufficiently provides.

When it comes to wearing it, the product features a fully adjustable double strap and laces. The presence of these two helps with the overall reinforcement of the brace, as well as the customization for fitting. So, not only will you have optimal support, but you are also guaranteed with a secure and comfortable fit. The laces will keep the support tight around your foot and ankle while the double straps and side stabilizers will keep your ankle fixed and prevents unwanted motions. Because you still have good flexibility you can continue to sport.

Venom Neoprene Ankle Brace Lace Up Support – stabalizes while sporting

Speaking of fit, this ankle brace sold by venom comes in three different sizes. It is available in Small, Medium, and Large. For the small, its estimated standard shoe size equivalent is 7 and below, while the medium measures around 7.5-9.5. As for the latter, it is around 10-13. Do note that if your feet measurements fall between two sizes, then it is better to get the larger one since you will still be able to adjust the fit, when necessary.

As for the composition build, this brace is made from high-quality neoprene material. If you do not know already, neoprene, or polychloroprene as its other name goes, is a type of synthetic rubber. It is breathable, flexible, and highly adaptive to different temperature range, which makes it ideal for preventing the build-up of moisture brought by perspiration.

Perspiration is actually one of the main cause of bacteria gathering on your body, which commonly leads to skin irritation and body odor. So in preventing as much perspiration build-up as possible, through the use of the well-ventilated material mentioned above, you also reduce the chances of irritations and malodorous smells.

The Venom neoprene ankle brace can also be used with your shoes, given that both falls close to the same size range. This capability allows you to use the product in just about any type of activity, whether it’s done barefooted or if it requires shoes. Plus, this ankle support can be used on both left and right foot, so you do not necessarily need to own a pair unless you currently have two injured ankles.

Pros & Cons

The Venom brace lace-up ankle support is lightweight and easy to use. It has adjustable double straps and laces guarantees a versatile and secure fit. It is also made from well-ventilated and highly flexible neoprene material. It can be worn on either left or right ankles.

This lace up support for ankles is ideal for both preventive and rehabilitative use. It has an exceptional grip and support, but without limiting your range of motion.

Unfortunately, it can be quite tricky to put on and prove to be bulky when used with some types of shoes. Especially in the beginning, you have to take your time to put the brace on to get accustomed to it.

Summary Many treatments and preventive methods have been developed for this type of injury. One of the most successful, not to mention least invasive, procedures that helps is bracing. Ankle bracing is a method of stabilizing your ankle through the use of a support sleeve. The Venom ankle support has side stabilizers and straps to help to reinforce your ankle but still provide you with a lot of flexibility. This is perfect for your rehabilitation process or to prevent an ankle injury happen at all. If you want a product that is great at preventing ankle injuries, and will also be as useful in recovering from such grievance, then the “Venom Neoprene Ankle Brace Lace up Support” is the perfect product for you. From its flexible support, to its impressive pain relief and lightweight build, this ankle medical brace has it all.

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