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CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace Review

CopperJoint is a well-renowned maker of some of the finest compression garments in the current market. Sports enthusiasts love it, physically active individuals are raving about it, so there’s no question that you are also going to be satisfied with it.

One of their products, the CopperJoint copper knee brace, is one of their best sellers. This is probably because legs are used in just about every sports activity out there, so they need all the protection they can get, especially the knees. If you want to know what makes this particular product so good and well-received, then please continue reading.


CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace Compression Sleeve – anti-slip system

This knee brace by CopperJoint sports a sleek and smooth build. Unlike other brands of knee braces, this one does away with any binding mechanism or straps. Instead, it simply slides right it and embraces the natural contour of your knee and leg, granted you get the appropriate size. The knee sleeve also provides amazing thermal control, which contributes to your overall recovery.

Other points about the CopperJoint Copper knee brace:

  • Features the patented Copper-Infused Technology
  • Features anti-odor system that eliminates bacteria
  • Thermal stabilizer
  • Moisture-wicking design
  • Anti-slip system
  • Ergonomically designed for full range of 4-way motion


CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace Compression Sleeve – packaging

This knee sleeve is made to last. It features longer durability, making it worth every bit of your money. Plus, the sleeve has no extra straps or belts needed to fasten, making it lightweight and effortless to put on.

The CopperJoint Copper brace also aids in joint recovery, which is perfect if you are suffering an injury on your knee area. Furthermore, the compression sleeve itself helps in muscle conditioning, which is ideal for muscle tears or strains. And given that knee sprains are some of the longest to heal, this is a godsend.

Strong and supportive, with copper insulation to boost recovery

Pain relief is also another strong suit of this compression sleeve. It aids in getting rid of annoying aches and pain you usually get after a long game or after some repetitive motions. If you happen to suffer from periodic arthritic pains, this is also the perfect gear for you.

Arthritic pain is one of the most excruciating types of pain there is, and even the slightest nudge can worsen such condition. To ensure that no accidental motions are done, this elastic sleeve seamlessly slides on your leg up to your knee without having to move your leg. Just keep it stationary and pull the device on, easy as that.

After you have donned the compression sleeve, the support will stay there as long as you have it on. This offers amazing compression applied to your injured knee, which is an important factor in continuous pain relief. The reason being is that when you apply pressure on your injured knee, any existing inflammation is kept under control, thus resulting in better pain relief.

Another great thing about this CopperJoint product is that it promotes proper circulation of your blood. This significantly aids in the healing of any present injuries you have, since blood is an integral element needed for the repair of damaged muscles, tissues, and bones.

However, proper circulation is not only useful during cases of injuries, but it can also be of great benefit if you are about to do extensive physically demanding actions, like marathons and triathlons, weightlifting, and the likes. This is because your knees are going to be in a lot of stress during such activities, so the more it needs proper oxygenation and nutrition, which is delivered by blood, to keep functioning and lessen your risk of incurring impairments.

CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace Compression Sleeve – fitting it on

Just as mentioned above, this CopperJoint Copper knee brace is lightweight and fits naturally, which undoubtedly makes it one of the only few products of its kind that can be worn all day and night. This is the perfect setup if you have unpredictable activity schedules, or better yet, if you have an all-day agenda for most of the time.

Your movement is also not left unnoticed with this specific brand of knee brace. In fact, it’s given more importance. With its ergonomic design, you can attain a full range of motion, without ever losing any reinforcement.

Being able to fully move your leg and knee with the sleeve on also helps in your healing process. Why? Well, movement naturally promotes blood flow, and just as previously mentioned, the more blood circulated to your injured knee, the faster it mends.

Your hygiene is also another aspect that is given importance by this CopperJoint made knee brace. It uses a revolutionary wicking material, meaning sweat will hardly every gather on your knee area, even during intense workouts.

In turn, the prevention of excessive perspiration eliminates the pooling of bacteria. This is because microbes are drawn to your sweat. So, by getting rid of any bacterial growth, skin irritations and unpleasant body odors are also avoided.

Temperature control is yet another great feature of this item. By using high-performance fabric, this particular knee brace can maintain optimal warmth on your knee joint and its surrounding areas, which is vital in opening up your blood vessels. When such vessels dilate, blood passage is increased, therefore improving damage repair.

The sizes available for this CopperJoint compression sleeve are as follows: S, M, L, XL, and XXL. If you want a more accurate reference, you can check below’s size chart before purchasing to get the right thigh circumference comparison.

CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace Compression Sleeve – size chart


Pros and Cons

This specific CopperJoint Copper sleeve has all the amazing features you would want in a knee brace. It is lightweight, promotes muscle and joint recovery, and prevents skin reactions. It also provides an anti-slip function, meaning it won’t get in your way during performance. Plus, it is latex-free.

Unfortunately, this device is not ideal for those that need maximum immobilization due to the lack of hinges or extra padding. For that, you can check out other knee braces.

Summary Overall, the CopperJoint Copper knee brace is worth every penny you invest in it. If you are looking for a lightweight sleeve-like support for your knee, this is a great one to have since it promotes pain relief as well as minimizing injury, all without the usual heftiness of most medical knee braces.

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