High Elastic Colecast Fitness Foot Support Brace


REF: 33043462483


Two elastic straps allow an individual adjustment of the compression. The High Elastic Fitness Foot Support Brace offers excellent stabilization properties with a high level of comfort. This is also ensured by the soft molded foam attached to the side and a recess on the ankle. Thanks to its small volume, the orthosis fits into every lace-up shoe.

Stability for ambitious training

  • PERFORMANCE – Thanks to the tried and tested High Elastic Fitness Foot Support Brace, the ankle bandage relieves tendon pain, ankle pain and relieves the foot with heel spurs. Stay fit and healthy with a highly innovative bandage concept
  • STABILIZATION – The ankle brace stabilizes your ankle and thus reduces the risk of sports injuries. Optimized compression pressure ensures microcirculation and effectively reduces swelling, while at the same time increasing the strength of the foot
  • TECHNOLOGY – The light and breathable polyester fabric of the Achilles tendon bandage ensures a high level of comfort and precise compression
  • PROPRIOCEPTION – The ankle protection increases your sensation of movement in the foot. Thanks to the improved, anatomical fit of the ankle support and high-tech material in the knit, you have a secure hold in the shoe
  • DEEP MASSAGE – The heel bandage was developed for athletes with mild discomfort or injuries in the foot area. The deep tissue massage of the ankle sleeve improves the microcirculation of the blood