Universal Colecast Foot Drop Orthosis Brace


REF: 4001159477770


The Universal Foot Drop Orthosis Brace stabilizes the ankle and protects it from possible injuries, especially when it is weakened . It ensures optimal anatomical movement of the joint, corrects any misalignments and prevents pathological deviations. This brace can be used as an aid in rehabilitation after accidents and injuries during physical activity. It is particularly recommended for weakened joints as well as rheumatic diseases and arthrosis.


  • Reliably stabilizes the ankle
  • Reduces pain from excessive exercise
  • Has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Corrects any misalignments
  • Provides light compression and warmth


Material: Steel plate + composite cloth + elastic band
Color: Black
Size: S(height 15cm*7.5cm), L(height 23cm* width 9cm)