Simien Sports Tennis Elbow Brace Review

Sports injuries are not uncommon. It can happen to anyone, either by accident or just plain bad performance or technique. For sports that require the complete use of your upper extremities, such as golf, basketball, and tennis among others, your elbows are one of the most susceptible to physical impairment.

Elbow injuries can take quite some time to heal and can cause severe pain, not to mention it will force you to take some downtime from playing. But it is not entirely hopeless, since there is a preventive measure called elbow bracing which can help support your elbow during your performance, thus decreasing your risk of incurring injuries. One great product that can perform such precaution is the Simien Sports tennis elbow brace.


This elbow brace by Simien Sports uses a mix of neoprene and nylon materials, which not only contributes to the heat retention capability of the unit but also to its solid integrity, ensuring a long lasting quality. The Simien elbow brace also sports a more compact build compared to other elbow braces that has sleeves. Plus, it also uses gel-like pads, which controls compression better that air types.

Other specification of the product:

  • Size available: one size that fits most people
  • Material comprised of 65% neoprene and 35 % nylon
  • Features a hook and loop binding strap
  • Features a compression gel-like pad that works better than air pads.



Whether in sports or any ordinary physical activity, repetitive motions are to be expected. Although this is not a bad thing, doing it continuously, and without rest, can be very harmful. If ignored, this can result in dangerous conditions such as epicondylitis, elbow tendonitis, and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

There are also milder, yet still potentially harmful cases that can result from constant undesirable movements, like tennis elbow, mouse and keyboard elbow, fishing elbow, weightlifting elbow, and other similar physically demanding activities. All these can be prevented with the use of the Simien Sport elbow brace.

One of the main objective of almost all elbow braces is pain relief, and this brand in particular can reduce pain with much efficiency and efficacy. It also keeps your elbow from doing dangerous movements and positions the likes of hyperextension and over-flexion. However, it does so without actually limiting your full performance.

Compared to some brands, the Simien tennis elbow brace’s compression pad takes on a gel-like consistency instead of an air pad. This delivers the most ideal pressure to your forearm, and will yield a firmer and more comfortable fit. The compression will also help manage and prevent any potential inflammation, which will reduce, or even completely avoid, pain.

Speaking of compression, this Simien hook and loop strapping system will let you adjust the grip intensity of the device according to your liking. This means you can tighten and loosen the binding freely until you find that optimal hold, one that doesn’t interfere with your blood circulation.

In relation to blood circulation, this elbow brace of Simien Sports is also able to promote blood flow by not interfering with your arm’s full range of motion, despite the presence of proper stabilization and compression. So, by having full control of your arm, along with proper support, you can achieve peak performance without actually overdoing it.

In terms of materials, the Simien tennis elbow brace uses a combination of 65% neoprene and 35% nylon. This combo yields the perfect balance of therapeutic heat application and flexibility of the support device. With such solid construction, the gear is able to withstand wear and tear, giving it a long lifespan.

In regards to the previous paragraph about the application of heat, warmness actually contributes to faster recuperation. As you may or may not know, heat is a good stimuli to open up your blood vessels. So, by retaining proper warmth on your forearm, blood, which carries oxygen and other vital elements for tissue repair, also travels at a smoother rate.

When it comes to the breathability of this tennis elbow brace, it is actually more ventilated compared to other elbow braces that have sleeves on them. Since this particular brace only ever wraps a small area of your forearm, it won’t cause too much sweating, thus, fewer bacteria will gather. Therefore, you won’t be troubled by skin irritations or bad body odor.

Unlike other manufacturers, Simien Sports usually offers this tennis elbow brace in pair, and at a lower price compared to buying two individual packs. Plus, a wrist sweatband and an instructional e-book are also added in, giving you the best value of your purchase.

SIMIEN Tennis Elbow Brace free e-book with instructions

Pros and Cons

Achieving muscle and joint pain relief with the Simien Sport elbow brace comes easily thanks to its impressive stabilization and revolutionary gel-like compression pads. Even without the presence of injury, these two functions still proves its use by assisting you during heavyweight and motion-extensive activities, particular when it requires the total usage of your arms.

The heat retention capability of the device also contributes to your faster recover, by promoting the transport of blood to your damage body part. And for the pain, the unit rids of it by applying ample pressure to your injured or hurting forearm and elbow. The adjustability of the straps also ensures a perfect and firm fit, while also helping you adjust the degree of applied compression, thus preventing any further swelling.

Unfortunately, this golf, weight-lifting, or tennis elbow brace only comes in one size, which may not be favorable if you have a lot bigger than average forearm circumference. Moreover, the trace of latex in the gear renders it unsuitable for those with allergies to latex. Other than these two, there’s really nothing else bad to be said about the product.

All in all, the Simien Sports tennis elbow brace performs above and beyond what you typically expect from such a brace. It’s breathable, adjustable, applies optimal pressure, and is made with only the highest quality materials. And since it is also generally offered in an inexpensive 2-count package deal, plus accessories, the value of your purchase is two-folds.

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