Shock Doctor 842 Shoulder Support Review

The Shock Doctor 842 shoulder support brace is perfect for keeping a shoulder in position, and has a gentle fit. Plus, it is designed to adapt to most shoulder and chest types, giving you that optimal and anatomical fit. Furthermore, this shoulder support is packed with amazing features that not only assists in the recovery from shoulder injuries, if you have one, but it also helps in the prevention of said impairments.


One of the best things about the Shock Doctor 842 shoulder support is its multi-strap design. It also features a unique X-fit system, along with an N-Tex material build. It is also one of the only few shoulder brace brands that is free from latex.

Aside from its great design, this shoulder brace also uses soft Lycra mesh stretch zones and Lycra binding. Furthermore, its strap retention stabilizers greatly contribute to its overall immobilization capability. It is also rated as a Performance level 3 brace, which means it offers the best support there is.


Shock Doctor has always strived for the best quality, so it is really no cause for wonder if this shoulder brace, by the same company, also delivers. It has everything you would want in a shoulder brace.

Rated as a Performance Level 3 support device, this shoulder brace guarantees medium stability, sufficient support, ideal pressure application, proper alignment, and faster healing. These features aim to relieve moderate to major ligament pains and injuries. It also helps manage joint instabilities and muscle sprains, giving you a clear road to recover.

One of its notable feature is found in its binding method. It uses two adjustable straps that seamlessly wraps around your chest, which gives you plenty of room to tighten or loosen the device according to your preference. This ensures that you always get a correct fit and an ideal shoulder position.

Having the option to adjust the strapping is also beneficial to being able to modify the level of compression applied to your injured limb. This is further enhanced via the Shock Doctor’s multi-position X-fit stability compression/retention strap support system. Together, these two strapping systems will ensure that you get the right pressure amount on your shoulder, one that is not too tight and not too loose.

Pressure application in a shoulder brace is important since it is one of the most effective way for such a device to eliminate pain. It does so by preventing further inflammation on your injured shoulder, thus relieving you of the soreness that normally comes with such swelling.

Aside from the flexibility of its straps, this Shock Doctor shoulder brace also sports an anatomical design, meaning you can achieve a perfect fit regardless of which shoulder you use it on, be it left or right. Plus, this framework allows the brace to easily conform to your shoulder and chest’s natural shapes, guaranteeing a snug and secure fit.

Stabilization is one of this product’s strongest suit. Thanks to its strap retention stabilizers, your shoulder will be properly aligned and positioned. Depending on the severity of your shoulder injury, the amount of stability you need may also vary, which you can easily fine-tune via the unit’s X-fit strap.

This shoulder support also features a soft Lycra mesh construction. This lets the device stretch to a comfortable fit for a wide array of chest builds. If you pick the unit closest to your chest size, then you won’t have any problem achieving that comfortable embrace-like fit.

The Lycra binding of this product also adds to the overall lifespan of the device. With it, you get a long lasting and comfortable use.

When it comes material composition, this shoulder support is made from N-Tex vented neoprene. This material benefits you in two ways. One, it allows for optimal heat retention due to its synthetic rubber property, and second, it yields a moisture wicking function. Both of these contributes to the overall therapeutic effect of the device.

When heat is retained on your affected shoulder, blood flow is then promoted. This happens because warmth is a natural stimulus for opening up blood vessels, therefore allowing more passage of blood.

Such natural physiology is vital since blood carries important components, especially oxygen, which are needed for tissue repair. So, by increasing the amount of blood that goes to your injured limb, via the heat retention, you also hasten the patching of your damaged tissues, thus increasing the rate at which you recuperate.

As for the moisture wicking capability of the Shock Doctor’s N-Tex material, it mostly aids in the prevention of skin irritations. How, you ask? Well, the more moisture that builds-up, which is brought by excessive sweating, the more bacteria that gathers.

When these bacteria pools into one area, that’s when skin irritations are likely to occur. But, thanks to the breathability of this shoulder support, you won’t have to deal with over-collection of perspiration, thus preventing the gathering of reaction-causing microbes.

Another great thing about this 842 shoulder support by Shock Doctor is its latex free property. This makes the device safe to use for almost everyone, which is an advantage it possesses over the other brands.

Unfortunately, some female customers have stated that the device doesn’t fit them that well, and claims that it favors male body builds more.

The Shock Doctor 842 shoulder support is, as a whole, a product that hits most of the right marks. Since it doesn’t have major shortcomings, this shoulder brace delivers remarkable support, optimal compression, and shows great versatility in its fit adjustability, which all contributes to your fast healing and immediate pain relief.

Overall, you won’t be disappointed with this medical brace. Most injuries happen during sporting activities and therefore it’s a great investment if you are a sporty individual, or if you do a lot of work involving your shoulders.

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