Thermal Heat Therapy Knee Brace for Arthritis & Pain Relief


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In contrast to conventional knee pads, the Thermal Heat Therapy Knee Brace is equipped with a highly developed graphene heating film as the core technology. Far-infrared heat waves are generated that activate nucleic acid proteins and other biological molecules in our body cells in order to achieve even deeper physical therapy. The heat knee pads can be used for relief from arthritis, meniscus, osteoporosis and muscle pain.


  • FAR INFRARED HEATING: The graphene heating wire heats up quickly. Heating knee pads can emit 8-12 micrometers distant infrared energy. Far infrared radiation has the function of radiation and penetration. It can penetrate 3 to 5 cm into the subcutaneous tissue for a deep tissue massage.
  • 360 ° ALL-ROUND SUPPORT: Bend and finalize the design according to the physiological radius of the knee yourself, so that you can also move easily with the knee pad, adjust the joint, make the leg load evenly, take on the role of repair and fixation , and effectively relieve the discomfort brought by different knees.
  • AUTOMATIC SWITCH OFF PROTECTION: Built-in security chip, intelligent temperature control, temperature overheating switches off automatically, elderly people with safety!


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