Colecast LP Left/Right Shoulder Support Brace


REF: 4000160472205


The Colecast LP Shoulder Support Brace is a functional shoulder brace that offers optimal stability without restricting mobility. This makes the bandage very suitable for use in sports or at work. The Colecast LP Shoulder Support Brace warms the shoulder joint. As a result, it protects against repeated injuries. It also works optimally in the event of overload, arthrosis / wear and swelling. The support brace is provided with a Colecast fastener and can be adjusted to the circumference of the upper arm. The fastener ensures an optimal fit and high wearing comfort.

This Colecast Support shoulder stabilizer has been used successfully for years by, for example, (competitive) athletes for optimal support of the shoulder joint during exercise, but also for comfortable support in everyday work.

Indications for use

If one or more of the indications apply to you,

the application of the Colecast LP Shoulder Support Brace will be of particular benefit to you:

  • Ideal for stabilizing and securing the shoulder joint when resuming activities after trauma or surgery, for example
  • Sprains and strains
  • Overloading the shoulder
  • Degenerative diseases of the shoulder joint / osteoarthritis / wear and tear
  • Ideal for supporting, stabilizing and securing the shoulder joint during sport or at work


Shoulder width 36-51cm(14.1”-20.0”)

Shoulder Support Brace size