Neoprene Shoulder Compression Support Brace


REF: 1005001690886010


The Colecast Neoprene Brace supports and protects the shoulder joint in the event of inflammation, irritation or after overuse. It has a pain-relieving and beneficial effect in daily work, in leisure time and in sports. The large area on the shoulder and upper arm relieves the shoulder and helps to avoid painful movements. The soft neoprene has a double effect, it warms and promotes blood circulation. Even after slight dislocations (dislocations), the brace has a pain-relieving effect. The shoulder protection is easy to put on, impresses with its good fit and does not appear bulky under clothing.

The neoprene material used is warm and elastic. Neoprene is a shock absorbent and has a high density. The material is very hard-wearing and can be washed as often as you like without losing its elasticity.

Features of Neoprene Shoulder Support Brace

  • Strong stability: The Neoprene Shoulder Compression Support Brace on the shoulder and arm, has a robust immobilization, the shoulder brace may be used for both the left and the right shoulder. If you want to wear them on your left shoulder, you need to put them on your right shoulder and adjust the chest first.
  • Comfortable support belt: Easily adjustable and powerful belts adapt to your upper arm, chest and shoulder and provide you with the specified compression and support for a comfortable fit for men and women.
  • Premium quality: The shoulder support strap is made of durable and breathable neoprene material, is skin-friendly, light, stretchy, soothes the warmth and is gentle on the shoulder.
  • Breathable Inconspicuous: Breathable and lightweight, strong hold, ideal for active users. The shoulder rest made of thin material can be worn under your clothes. Clean and odorless. The shoulder support belt will keep you cool and comfortable under all circumstances, even in summer.
  • Ergonomic design: shoulder support belt Easy to carry support, perfect coverage of the shoulder with gentle compression to relieve pain from tension and strain. Helps with pain like slipped AC joint, arthritis, sprain, tendinitis, fracture, etc. It also provides good support for weight lifting, rugby, tennis, etc.


Colors: blue & black
Material: 65% synthetic rubber, 30% polyester, 5% nylon
Size: L: Arm 22.5-41cm, Bust: 85-120cm; M: Arm 17.5-34.5cm, Bust: 65-90cm