Kneelet Knee Patella Support Protector Brace


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Extremely light and extremely strong! The Kneelet Knee Patella Support Brace with crossed straps is therefore one of the best knee braces at this moment. All these properties make this brace one of the best knee braces currently available. It ensure maximum stability and confidence during strenuous activities. The knee brace is therefore very popular at home and abroad and ideal for maximum protection when resuming sport and work, after (cruciate) ligament operations and other serious knee diseases. The knee brace is widely used by many international (top) athletes, workers, and people returning from serious injury. The brace has been used with great success for years to provide optimal support for skiing, ice skating, tennis and other ball sports.


  • The knee is guided in its movement and not restricted.
  • Anatomically shaped splint provides stability and can be shaped if necessary.
  • The splint built into the brace is held in the correct position with the straps.
  • An elastic pad provides the kneecap with light support and massages the tissue with every step.
  • The slight compression accelerates the swelling of edema.
  • Breathable Train active knit offers good wearing comfort.
  • If necessary, the splint can be adjusted


  • Fracture
  • Cartilage damage
  • Rheumatism / osteoarthritis / wear and tear
  • Meniscus damage (internal and external)
  • Overstretching (hyperextension) of the knee

Size Chart

Size Short side (cm) Long side (cm)
M 37 40
L 32 45
XL 47 50
XL 52 55

Additional information




Mercerized Cloth + Polyester

Cleaning Method

Hand Wash

Fit For

Basketball, Football, Workout, Cycling, etc