Hunchback Posture Corrector Colecast Brace


REF: 4000192392182


The Hunchback Posture Corrector is suitable for people who sit a lot. It exerts constant, light pressure on the shoulders and thus helps you to correct your posture on your own. The material consists of elastic nylon threads and stretchable neoprene. Colecast recommends wearing the shoulder strap for around 20 to 30 minutes a day at the beginning in order to get the muscles used to it. You can then increase the wearing time to two to three hours a day.

The Hunchback Posture Corrector is a completely new posture brace that effectively regulates bad posture and postural weaknesses. The straight holder can be worn at work, during sports or on festive occasions. Due to its unique design, the straight holder is particularly suitable for people who carry out work steps close to their bodies, such as office workers who spend a lot of time at the computer, or craftsmen, etc.


  • Perfect posture training: With the posture correction you prevent damage to health at an early stage. That gradually lead your body into an upright posture – sustainably!
  • Applicable everywhere: Regardless of your working hours and your location. With our posture correction men and women you can work on one of your back stabilizers at any time
  • Excellent wearing comfort: No rubbing or pressure points in the area of ​​the shoulders or constant sweating when worn for long periods. No more bent back, thanks to regular back corrections.
  • 100% ergonomic fit: Can also be worn under clothing without any problems: The unique flat design hugs like a second skin thanks to the individually adjustable straps.
  • Multiple sizes: The perfect spine correction. In order to ensure the correct tension for your spine and shoulder, we offer several sizes -> see size chart.