Adjustable Hinged Patella Support Knee Brace


REF: 1005002434774766


The Hinged Patella Knee Brace is one of the strongest knee braces with protection class 3+ and also very light. The knee support brace is also the reinforced version of the normal hinge knee brace and offers maximum protection. The brace with crossed straps, together with the Colecast Genu, is seen by many specialists and orthopedic surgeons as the knee braces for maximum support. They therefore rely on these knee supports for sports rehabilitation after trauma. The Hinged Patella Support Knee Brace is therefore used with great success. Hence, it is particularly recommended by our therapists and doctors for these indications.

The Hinged Patella Support Knee Brace has elastic crossed straps that (together with the hinges) ensure maximum compression. They support and offer the knee even more protection when under strain. But the knee brace not only offers maximum support, protection and stability, it is also extremely light and has an optimal fit and comfort. The hinges are made of extremely lightweight materials and aluminum gears.


  • Moderate to severe ligament discomfort, instability, or pain
  • Maximum support and stabilization
  • Compression support
  • Heat therapy can promote healing


  • For moderate to severe complaints
  • Maximum support and protection
  • Ideal for optimal support in the event of severe instability (also in the case of chronic instability)
  • Protection during (athletic) rehabilitation after (cruciate) ligament operations and the like
  • Ideal for other instabilities due to other factors, such as wear and tear