Neo G Wrist Support Medical Grade Review

Wrist injuries are one of the most common types of hand impairment that you can experience, which can be very painful and, depending on the severity, could take quite a while to heal. Thanks to wrist supports you can ease the symptoms of a painful wrist and help to support the injured or weak wrist after sporting injuries. A good example of a wrist brace is this Neo G medical grade wrist support.



Neo G Wrist Support Class 1 Medical Grade Brace – recover from sporting injury fast and easy

This wrist support by Neo G is tailored made for all adults. It has a supportive build but without restricting too much of your hand. It moderately stabilizes an injured wrist, as well as weaker ones, particularly during play time or sports. The materials used in this product are also gentle on sensitive skins, which keeps you comfortable.

Other specifications of this Neo G wrist brace:

  • Class 1 Medical Device
  • Ideal for wrist sprains or strains, arthritis
  • Made from neoprene, elastane, polyurethane, polyester, polypropylene
  • Features an adjustable binding strap
  • Moderate support level
  • Universal size
  • Fits most adults

Neo G Wrist Support Class 1 Medical Grade Brace – how to apply the wrist brace

Neo G Wrist Support Class 1 Medical Grade Brace – moderate support level




Neo G Wrist Support Class 1 Medical Grade Brace

This Neo G wrist support is perfect thanks to its easy wrap-around design and adjustable compression. It is also lightweight and non-obstructive so you can wear it during activities without any discomfort, even if it’s worn for most of the day.

The wrist brace itself is conducive in ample heat retention, meaning it will not cause too much or too less warmth on your injured wrist. Thanks to its neoprene component, the muscles and joints of your damaged wrist receive heat at a therapeutic level. And as you may or may not know, heat is very important in the promotion of proper blood flow.

When ideal heat is applied to the injured wrist, the blood vessels around it will also dilate, thus allowing more blood to pass through. Why is this important, you ask? Well, blood carries the right oxygen, nutrient, and hormones that are all vital to your healing injury. So by promoting the flow of blood you also increase the transport of these good elements.

Aside from applying therapeutic heat, this wrist support also applies optimal compression to your wrist area, which helps in relieving pain. With enough pressure, any swelling or inflammation on your wrist, which causes throbbing and soreness, are sufficiently controlled.

Moreover, the adjustable strap of this Neo G wrist support gear allows you to fine-tune the fit according to your pain tolerance and recovery status. This flexibility is found to be most useful when the inflammation of your injured wrist starts to shrink and is going to need another fit modification.

Neo G Wrist Support Class 1 Medical Grade Brace – recover and be strong

Just remember not to wrap the support too tight or it will impede the flow of blood, and will undoubtedly cause discomfort. It is better to be safe than sorry. For children you can get the paediatric sized Neo G medical grade wrist support which will be ideal for the thinner wrists of kids.

Immobilization is another great quality of this wrist support. By stabilizing the injured wrist, you won’t have to deal with accidental wrist movements, which can cause excruciating pain, or worse, complicate your condition.

With the right application of the wrist brace, which is easy enough to do thanks to the instructional manual that comes with it, the highest level of moderate support is achieved. This prevents over-flexion or over-extension of the wrist, which results in a continuous healing process.

As far as hand orientation is concerned, this wrist support model of Neo G can be worn on either left or right. Thanks to its universal fit, the product stays viable for a long time. However, if your wrist injury involves both hands, then you won’t have much choice but to get a pair.

Although this wrist support from Neo G is classified as a Class 1 medical device, which is also what Neo G intended, it can actually be used in athletic performances as well. If you happens to be involved in sports that requires full use of the hands, like gymnastics or basketball, then this particular brand can help minimize the risk of any hand or wrist injuries that can arise from such physical activities.

Pros and Cons

Neo G Wrist Support Medical Grade – Applying the brace

The Neo G wrist support is great at relieving the pain that you are experiencing from your wrist injury. Furthermore, it is able to stabilize your wrist movement and prevent undesirable wrist positioning. The adjustability of the device is also perfect for most adults, and for applying optimal compression.

Unfortunately, the product is not ideal for those with allergies to neoprene material. Plus, some people have claimed that the product’s overall design favors the right hand more, despite it being universal. Nonetheless, the benefits of the product still outweigh the negatives, giving you your money’s worth and your comfortable recuperation.

Overall, the Neo G wrist support medical grade is a fantastic brand. It successfully compresses, stabilizes, and applies heat, to your injured wrist, letting it heal faster. Plus, the medical brace can also be used preventively, which is quite useful for very active people and sporting athletes.

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