Neo G Medical Grade Posture Correction Clavicle Brace Review

The Neo G Medical Grade posture correction brace is a medical brace that is designed to alter the progression of Kyphosis (hunchback syndrome) while it is still on its early stages. The design of this medical posture corrector was designed to target the most common area in the lower part of the thoracic region, which the bone density of the spine is much considerably thinner than that on the lower lumbar region.

Kyphosis usually starts in this area and it is where that this medical posture corrector exerts all the pressure, slowing down and eventually stop the thoracic area from further hunching outward. It is also very suitable for aiding in stabilizing the entire spinal column, along with the clavicle (collarbone) with its very extensive shoulder and rib cage straps that apply huge amounts of pressure in those particular areas.

The posture correction brace can effectively support the entire weight of the entire torso, relieving the weight that it incurs on the upper and lower back which makes it very ideal for people who are suffering from extensive back pains from various injuries and medical conditions that require the back to be tightly secured.


Quality and Materials Used:

Kyphosis hunchback problem

The Neo G correction brace is made from a combination of synthetic fabrics such as Nylon, Ryon and Spandex, particularly the strap design which goes around the lumbar area, lower back and the thoracic region. The straps of this medical posture corrector are designed for extra coverage of the affected muscles in which substantial compressive pressure is needed to secure the upper back. There are two (2) main straps that go all the way around the shoulders that go down to the back area that wraps around the thoracic region of the back. After passing this area, the straps go around the lower part of the chest, covering the rib cage as it finally comes to the front are in which it is secured by its Velcro straps.

The entire process of wrapping the entire area with the straps applies substantial pressure for each particular area the straps go through, giving the wearer a very tight pressure point on the upper back, inhibiting the back to bend outward. The area covering the shoulder areas have paddings to reduce the pressure that the straps incur on it. The entire fabric material used on the brace was designed so that air can fully circulate within the material, allowing the wearer’s skin to breathe.


Neo G Medical Grade Posture correction:clavicle Brace

The correction clavicle brace uses the same material used on bungee cords which assures you that it will never loosen out, regardless of how often you wear it as its elasticity will remain constantly supple. This medical posture corrector can easily apply the pressure needed to straighten out the back area, particularly if you are dealing with Kyphosis, but since Kyphosis is a progressive spinal condition, the application of the right amount of pressure to the back is the key deciding factor in reducing the deformity of the thoracic area.

A thorough understanding on the part of the wearer to comply with having to wear it tighter than expected since dealing with a medical condition such as this requires compromising the comfortability of how you would wear the Neo G posture brace.


Not the most comfortable medical posture corrector that anyone can wear. But since having a medical condition such as Kyphosis needs all the attention that is needed to reverse the condition, compromises have to be made for the sake of curing it.

It is bulky in all aspects of its appearance and it is nothing short of wearing a backpack as its padded elastic straps look similarly like those used in backpacks and it will be very hard to hide this from plain sight, even under clothing.


It’s offered for not such a bad price since you need the most amount of pressure that the straps of this medical posture corrector can offer. There is nothing pretty looking with regard to how medical posture braces look since the most important aspect of what it can offer is the therapeutic value that it gives in relieving your back condition.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Never wash this using warm water that has a temperature of more that 30 degrees since it will damage the elastic straps which is the most important part of this posture corrector. For this type of medical posture corrector, you can conveniently place it in a washer without any worries of damaging the fabrics since the posture correction brace is mostly made from elastic Nylon materials that are highly resilient to fraying. Use mild detergent and washing soap and rinse well to rid any residue, after that, you can just hang it out to dry.

Additional Tips:

Many office desk workers have the hunchback problem (Thoracic Kyphosis) and next to wearing a good posture brace you can do some exercises as well. Watch the following youtube movie and do those exercises regularly.


The Neo G correction brace is serious medical equipment that has earned a medical 1 equipment classification in the United Kingdom. This medical posture corrector brace was made to help people with various back conditions to hasten their recovery and that is the most important feature that it provides.

Since most medical posture corrector braces offer very little comfort with regard on how they should be worn, we will be very blunt on this point that this posture corrector brace is for medical therapeutic purposes only, nevertheless, it does a pretty good job with regard to what it can offer to help people with Kyphosis.

A more comfortable and high quality posture brace for Kyphosis is the Ease Pain brace. The Ease Pain brace is very suitable for dancers and therefore has high comfort and is very durable.

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