McDavid 195 Ankle Brace with Stabilizer Straps Review

McDavid, one of world’s recognized leader in sports medical and protective wear, has the perfect ankle brace for you – the McDavid 195 ankle brace with stabilizer straps. This is the perfect sportswear aid that will help your rehabilitation from an ankle injury or will shield your ankle from most injuries, especially those that could lead to you staying away from the game you love.


Among athletes, especially those who do a lot of running and jumping, one of the most common injuries is to their ankles. In the US alone, a recent survey has shown that ankle injuries reach more than a million every year from sports activities.

To help protect our ankles from injuries, one way is to stabilize and reinforce our ankle base together with the sides so as to prevent unnecessary twitching. Aside from certain exercises that strengthen the ankles, another method is to use an ankle brace.

Ankle injuries can be minor that may require only some rest and relaxation away from the court. Some can be major and require significant time of rest and also rehabilitation. And there are the severe ones which can take a year or more and may even be life-changing due to severity.

The McDavid 195 ankle brace comes with an amazing design guaranteed to support your ankles and make it solid, thus helping to prevent injuries especially the severe ones. This brace is also helpful for athletes who are undergoing rehabilitation to their ankles.

  • Brace is made of 100% polyester, lightweight yet provides nice ankle support
  • Stabilizer straps use fabric that is also equally light and easy. Strapping is in a figure-6 design, made to emulate the effect of elastic bandage/athletic tape
  • Top strap provides ankle compression while providing comfort; customized and adjustable for different leg sizes
  • Lining is padded and the closures are reinforced, making sure the target area is totally enclosed.
  • Ambidextrous, can fit either the left or right ankle
  • Comes five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and three colors (black, gray, white)

McDavid 195 Ankle Brace with Stabilizer Straps – packaging



The McDavid 195 ankle brace has been tested extensively and was proven to be effective in the prevention of ankle injuries. This was through a study conducted in a major university wherein a group of athletes were made to use the McDavid ankle brace while others proceeded without. The results were more than satisfactory as the group that used the McDavid had three times lesser injuries compared to those who did not use an ankle brace.

The McDavid 195 ankle brace is just one of many products designed by McDavid, a company that is well known for its expertise in designing sports medical products and technical performance athletic wear.

McDavid owes its success to Dr. Robert F. McDavid, the company’s founder who pioneered and designed one of the most effective knee braces for the game of football. From Dr. McDavid’s basement in Bellwood, Illinois, McDavid has grown and now has its global headquarters in Woodridge, Illinois and produces over 400 different products for athletes and people who are active in sports.

McDavid’s reputation and experience in the realm of medical sportswear is one reason why you should go with the McDavid 195 ankle brace. If you are nursing and rehabbing an ankle injury, strap on this ankle brace to prevent unnecessary movements that could hamper and delay its healing while also promoting the stability and strengthening of your foot base.

During skirmish and practice sessions, use the McDavid ankle brace to protect your ankle from experiencing accidental injury. That way, your feet are more than ready on game day.

Pros and Cons

Ankle strains are a common sport injury but can also happen in everyday life. If you misplace your foot walking on the street, you could strain your ankle quickly. Thanks to the material used on the McDavid 195 ankle brace with stabilizer straps, you will not feel added weight when you put it on. Those who have been accustomed with using elastic bandage/athletic tape wrapped around their foot will feel at home with this ankle brace as the figure-6 strapping pattern was designed specifically to simulate the feel of athletic tape.

The straps and laces of the McDavid ankle brace can be adjusted easily. Unless you are using extreme hi-cut shoes, you need not remove the latter when adjusting the ankle brace. There is also a ventilated tongue so as not to suffocate and hamper blood circulation in your ankles.

Finally, the McDavid ankle brace can be used either on the left or the right foot. This proves to very convenient as you need not purchase an additional one for the other ankle.

Like most other brands of ankle braces, the McDavid 195 ankle brace takes some time getting used to. Shoes that stabilize the ankle can feel uncomfortable due the tight feel as they clamp your ankle upon tying the laces; the same thing will be felt with this ankle brace. Having its own laces plus the stabilizer straps that wrap around, it is almost the equivalent of wearing three socks at once!

Those who find thick socks uncomfortable are most likely to complain once they put on the McDavid ankle brace. And once you slip on your shoes, everything will feel cumbersome and awkward. While the lightweight material does not add weight, the added size is sure to limit your ability to make lateral movements. The stabilizer straps will also hamper the up and down motion range of your ankles. Your entire foot will feel really immobile and motionless, with very less fluidity when playing any sports.

McDavid 195 Ankle Brace with Stabilizer Straps – closed

Overall, the McDavid 195 ankle brace is a great help both in the prevention and rehabilitation of ankle injuries. Immobilizing and restraining the range of movement is one of the most effective methods of speeding up the healing process of most muscles and tendons, something which the ankle very much needs and the McDavid ankle brace can more than provide. Training and teaching your ankle to move only in a certain way will also help prevent injury.

It must be noted though that this ankle brace should not be the sole thing responsible for rehabbing and restoring your ankle to 100% condition. Proper rehabbing using the right exercises coupled with discipline and determination is what will bring you back to the court or the football field.

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