Liomor Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace Review

Ankle injuries are quite common in the field of sports, or in just about any athletic activities. It can be caused by many different factors, like doing a bad landing, or skipping warm-ups, or even as common as bad body mechanics. The occurrence of all these can be significantly lessened with the use of a wearable gear called an ankle brace.

There are many different brands that manufacture their own ankle brace, but only a few manages to stand out. One of the best there is in the current market is the Liomor ankle support breathable ankle brace”. If you want to know more about this particular product, then please continue reading this review article.


The ankle support breathable ankle brace by Liomor takes pride its simple, yet effective design. Unlike other common ankle brace brands, this one has less of the usual bulk, but without getting rid of the optimal reinforcement that such gear should provide. Its Velcro straps are also easier to bind and secure compared to other models that use laces.

Other specifications of the product:

  • Wearable on both left and right foot
  • Made from high-grade elastic SBR, lightweight nylon, and elastic lycra
  • Features premium-grade dual Velcro straps
  • Universal size (adjustable and fits most people)
  • Open heel design for better range of motion


Whether you are a first-time buyer or someone who already has an experience in using ankle braces, there is a lot to be excited about Liomor’s ankle support breathable ankle brace. It is not a hassle to use, has a comfortable fit, and definitely provides optimal support, regardless if you are using it to recover or prevent an ankle injury.

An indication of a high-quality ankle brace lies in its stabilizer. A good stabilizer should be able to support the ankle, all without limiting your foot’s range of motion. The Liomor ankle brace definitely possesses that quality.

The stabilizers found in this specific ankle brace brand is able to fully wrap your ankle joint. By doing so, your foot and ankle receive optimal stability, thus relieving you of potential overstress or muscle shock, especially during intense training or exercises.

Aside from its impressive stabilization capability, this brace model also provides ideal compression to your ankle area, which is useful if ever you sustain an injury to it. It is not too tight, and not too loose. Pressure is important in preventing over swells and in alleviating inflammations or edema, which then leads to faster recuperation.

Taking the previous paragraph into mind, you can tell that this ankle support brace by Liomor is not only applicable in the field of sports but is also as significant in the field of medicine. It can be used on patients who have undergone surgery to their foot or ankle, or for those under a physical therapy program.

As far as the composition goes, the materials used in this specific ankle brace are of high-grade status. One of its core components is the high elastic SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber), which is a type of rubber that has impressive resistance to abrasion, thus, creating a gentle contact with your skin. Furthermore, this material also rates high in aging stability when properly handled, which makes the product last that much longer.

Aside from the SBR component, this product is also fitted with lightweight nylon and elastic lycra, giving it that durable elasticity, which then contributes for a solid fit. Moreover, the brace is layered to promote perforation, which gives your ankle and foot that much-needed breathability.

Why is breathability important you ask? Well for one, your foot will feel much better the more breathing room it has. But perhaps the most important benefit you get from it is the prevention of sweat build up. Perspiration is a common breeding ground for bacteria, and if such fluid collects into moisture, the more these bad elements gather, which usually results in skin irritations and bad odors.

When it comes to securing this Liomor-made ankle brace, two adjustable Velcro straps are used. Unlike laces, Velcro tends to be more efficient, while still achieving a firm and stable hold. It is also a lot less intricate to bind, which results in faster insertion and quicker removal of the brace.

This product is sold in only one size. And although that is the case, it is adjustable to most foot dimensions. As long as your foot does not go beyond 11.8” in arch circumference, you are in the clear. Plus, it can be worn on either foot and is viable for both men and women.

Pros and Cons

One good thing about this product is its capability to be used on both feet, which is quite economical, not to mention flexible. Apart from that, both women and men can also make full use of the product, which keeps things equal in terms of performance.

With its high-grade breathable materials, you are free to perform at your fullest without worries about skin itches, irritations, and bad body odors. Furthermore, the lightweight and ultra-supportive build of the product lessens the burden on your ankle and foot, which is important for healing.

This brace also applies enough pressure to the usual swelling of an injured ankle, giving you faster pain relief and safe recuperation. And with its adjustable Velcro straps, you can easily bind and secure the product, while also leaving plenty of room for adjustment if needed.

Unfortunately, the product is only available in one size. So if you have very big feet, ones that are beyond the normal spectrum of small, medium, and large, then you might be out of luck.

If you are looking for a simple and lightweight ankle brace that still provides optimal support, then the Liomor ankle support breathable ankle brace is definitely worth to check. Whether you are going to use it during your physical activities, or wear it to recover from an ankle injury, this product excels in doing both.

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