An ankle brace is ideal for athletes who have discomfort or injuries to their ankle. With Colecast ankle support braces you can relieve your ankles and ankles while exercising. Because they have to withstand a lot, especially when jumping and other heavy loads. The brace helps to provide additional support for this sensitive area. Here you can find out more about the various types of ankle bandages that allow you to prevent injuries or alleviate existing discomfort.

Ankle Brace for Sprain

If you have ankle pain, the first thing you should do is seek advice from your doctor. They can give you a recommendation for a medically suitable ankle brace. Our Colecast ankle braces provides the following features:

  • Suitable for both feet : Some bandages are especially suitable for one foot, which is recommended for severe complaints; For prevention, you should choose ankle bandages that are suitable for both feet.
  • Degree of stability : a higher degree of stability protects the joints more.
  • Area of application : you’ll find information on the packaging of the support as to whether it’s an ankle support, an ankle orthosis or a support for the ankle.
  • Breathability : The more breathable the bandage, the more comfortable it’s to wear.
  • Washability : When buying, make sure that the ankle bandage you choose can be washed easily.

Tips for Buying the Best Ankle Brace

  • Choose the right mix of support and flexibility
  • Make sure you find the right area of application
  • In addition, seek advice from a doctor who specializes in sports injuries
  • Refrain from choosing and using the bandage yourself in the event of severe pain
  • To prevent pain, however, it is advisable to occasionally wear an ankle bandage
  • Choose a material that doesn’t contain harmful substances and is as breathable as possible
  • For reasons of hygiene, the ankle bandage should be easy to clean in the washing machine

Which ankle brace is right for me?

Before you decide on a model, you should use the following type advice to analyze which variant suits you best. Here, too, advice from a doctor or physiotherapist can be very informative.

Wrap bandage to relieve the ankle

The classic wrap bandage is inexpensive and offers the joint a pleasant relief. It helps to prevent the natural instability of our ankles and to give the ankle more support during sporting movements.

In addition, wrap bandages are easy to use. they are warm, but should also be washed regularly to get rid of sweat. be careful not to wrap the bandage too tightly, as this can disrupt the circulation.


  • Provides stability
  • Warms
  • Cheap


  • Regular washing necessary
  • Can cause sweating
  • Can be accidentally wrapped too tight
  • Stocking bandage for arthritis sufferers

Buying ankle brace for arthritis

In order to stabilize the whole foot, which is particularly useful in certain sports, a garter bandage is that the right choice. it is already preformed and can be worn comfortably in the shoe without the need for further measures.

The garter bandage is just right for arthritis, swellings and tendinitis. be sure to choose the right size so as not to constrict your foot.


  • Stabilizes the whole foot
  • Ideal for arthritis, swellings and tendinitis
  • Preformed


  • Correct size is necessary
  • Risk of pinching your foot
  • Lace-up bandage for individualists

Lace-up bandage

A lace bandage is the right choice to customize the lacing and padding. It allows you to distribute the pressure on the foot exactly as you want. Again, you should take care not to lace too tightly.

The lace bandage is best suited for strains and excessive strain. It can also be very helpful with a sprain and arthritic complaints. Correct lacing takes a little practice, but is then very pleasant.


  • Individual pressure distribution possible
  • Comfortable upholstery
  • Ideal for strains, overloads and sprains


  • Lacing takes practice
  • Risk of pinching your foot


Colecast offers relieving quality ankle support braces at affordable prices. Our models are well made, easy to put on and very stable. This gives you a feeling of security while exercising and gives you support for your joint.