Aircast A2 Wrist Support Brace Review

The human wrist contains vital nerves and ligaments needed for the full movement of your hand. Although these tissues yield a combination of malleability and toughness, it is not without vulnerability. And such susceptibility will put your wrist at risk of injury or worse, fractures. To help you in this regard, supportive gears like the Aircast A2 wrist support brace exists, which will be reviewed in this article.

If you are cautious of your hand movements, you are more likely able to avoid incurring any physical impairment on your wrist. However, once you do experience such damage, it can be one of the most painful type of injury you can experience, depending on the severity of the harm.


Aircast A2 Wrist Support Wrist Brace – great for sporters


The Aircast A2 wrist brace sports a lightweight build brought by its plastic shell. This, along with the item’s traditional plaster cast material, helps protect your wrist from undesirable movements. The product is also equipped with adjustable straps to deliver a flexible method of fastening the brace around your injured wrist.

Other specifications of this wrist brace:

  • Suitable for men and women
  • Available for left and right handed
  • Ideal for wrist injuries and fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Features three adjustable straps for a tight fit
  • Comes with a thumb spica
  • Size availability: small, medium, and large

Aircast A2 Wrist Support Wrist Brace – size chart



Aircast A2 Wrist Support Wrist Brace – right and left handed

Right off the bat, the A2 wrist brace by Aircast slides seamlessly on your hand and wrist. This is thanks to the contoured design of the item, which contributes to a perfect and comfortable fit. You can also wear the brace without moving your injured wrist, which prevents adding more untoward pain to your already agonizing condition.

After you find that perfect fit position, you can then secure the brace using the adjustable straps of the product. For this particular model of Aircast, you get three straps to work with, which ensures not only an optimal hold, but also delivers amazing flexibility when it comes to pressure application.

Speaking of pressure, applying sufficient compression to your swelling wrist is one of the best way to ease pain and control inflammation. So with the help of the product’s adjustable straps, you can decide just how tight and how loose the fit will be until you find that ideal amount of pressure.

When it comes to the item’s composition, it uses Breathe-O-Prene fabric, which is a breathable material that promotes moisture control. It wicks away any sweat you produce on your skin, thus preventing any build-up of humidity.

Aircast A2 Wrist Support Wrist Brace – best support for revalidation

In relation to the previous paragraph, your sweat naturally invites microbes, which in turn causes skin irritations and foul-smelling odor. For wrist injuries with intact skins, these reactions may not pose that much threat, but for those healing from fracture wounds or post-op stiches on their wrist, any pooling of bacteria can cause major complications, such as infection. But with a breathable wrist brace, you will not experience any of that.

Immobilization is another important feature that is already mandatory to all wrist braces. Why, you ask? Well, it is because undesirable wrist movements and bad hand positioning can exacerbate your existing injury, but by keeping your hand and wrist still, you also avoid such complication.

Although movement restriction is already expected in all wrist braces, the degree of limitation in each different models may vary. Some brands offer maximum immobilization in their wrist braces, while others only provide a mild restraint, the use of which all depends on the severity of your wrist injury and how much immobilization it needs.

Just as explained above, immobilization is very vital to a recuperating wrist injury. However, movement is just as significant in the same respect.

When you move, you promote blood flow, and your blood has all the oxygen and supplementation that a compromised muscle tissue or damaged nerve needs in order to mend. Therefore, the more range of motion your injured hand has, at an acceptable level of course, the more blood that goes to your damaged wrist as well, thus it recovers much faster.

Repetitive, prolonged handwork such as writing, typing and painting can cause undue stress to the parts of your wrist. You might feel accomplished from all the work you’ve done then wake up tomorrow, unable to move your wrist.

Aircast A2 Wrist Support Wrist Brace – packaging

The bad thing about wrist injuries is it takes quite long to heal and rehab them as the slightest movement of the hand can jerk on the injured area, causing pain and discomfort which would then lead to further twitching and more unnecessary movement. It is in this kind of situation that the Aircast wrist support brace is very much useful. With its ability to restrict and restrain the range of motion on the wrist, healing and rehabilitation can proceed unhampered and uninterrupted.

The great thing about the A2 wrist support by Aircast is its ability to take up a more rigid form for optimal immobilization, as well as provide full range of motion. This is possible thanks to its two removable stabilizers. One for above your hand, and another for below it.

When your injury is the type that needs complete movement limitation, the Aircast A2 dual stabilizers can be inserted to help control your wrist and hand motions. But, as you heal and start to regain some degree of wrist motion without too much pain, you can then remove the stabilizers to allow more movement and promote blood flow. By combining these two procedures, the A2 wrist support is able to accompany you all throughout your healing process.

There are some cases where wrist injuries are also paired with thumb sprains or fractures, which is perhaps due to the thumb being the closest digit to your wrist. In such situations, this Aircast-made A2 wrist brace can come with its own thumb spica, which is an accessory than can extend the support of the brace to your whole thumb.

Pros and Cons

Aircast A2 Wrist Support Wrist Brace – stabalizer

For those who are undergoing rehabilitation of their wrist or even the whole hand, such as coming from an injury that resulted in a cast or a splint, the Aircast A2 wrist brace should prove to be very helpful as you nurse your limb back to normal. Its lightweight and comfortable materials make it very comfortable to wear, without you not feeling any encumbrance at all.

By restricting the range of motion of your wrist and limiting the angle of movement, your wrist will heal at the designated pace that the doctor or therapist intended for it. And because you still have the use of all your fingers, your injured hand should still prove to be useful while wearing this Aircast wrist support brace. Along with your wrist, your thumb is also protected from most injuries.

With three sizes of small, medium and large, the Aircast A2 wrist brace can be used by almost any person. The adjustable straps allow for flexibility for different hand and arm width and thickness, from those with skinny hands to those with brawny, muscular ones.

Although the Aircast A2 wrist support is easy to put on and be used, in no way should it be considered immediately as the answer to all kinds of wrist problems. Note that patients who have problems with upper extremity neuropathies or those who have vascular problems might feel some loss of sensation from using this wrist support brace.

While majority of customers love every bit of the Aircast A2 wrist support, some have felt that the brace needs a bit more padding, particularly at the top part. Nonetheless, this product is still able to perform what every good wrist brace should be able to do, if not more.

It is lightweight, stabilizes your wrist injury as well as promote motion, and deliver ample compression. On top of these, the brace is also breathable, which offers a cool, reaction-free, and non-malodourous, handling.

All in all, the Aircast A2 wrist support brace is a great product that will help your injured wrist heal with comfort and assurance. So, if you want full restriction of your hand and wrist movement, while also having the option to promote range of motion when needed, this product is just what you are looking for.

Offering a wide variety of uses in the treatment of hand and wrist injuries, the Aircast A2 wrist support should prove invaluable not just for those in the medical field or those who have an active lifestyle, but even those who are mostly at home like mothers and babysitters.

Use it to nurse back to health children who got their wrists injured from horse play and home accidents. Aged individuals who have lifetime injuries to their hands can very much benefit from this wrist support brace.

No tool or gadget can trump the perfect crafting and design of our hands so we need to take good care of them. Use the Aircast wrist brace to do just that.

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